Ukraine Chapter

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The goal of SCGIS Ukraine is to:

-         consolidate specialists who use GIS for conservation

-         promote the application of GIS techniques in the field of environmental activities

-         provide a platform for the exchange of experience and expertise

-         involve community members in the SCGIS Scholarship Program

-         increase the professional level of specialists who use GIS for nature conservation

-         provide GIS support to the administrations of protected areas and nature protection projects (local and international)

-         foster greater involvement of Ukrainian environmental GIS experts in the international Conservation GIS community activities.


Over the last several years members of our community have organized six conferences of GIS users for nature conservation. There were a lot of presentations, discussions and workshops. Up to 30 participants took part in the conferences in different years. For more details, please visit our website


Team of the SCGIS Ukraine leads several volunteer projects in our community:






Upcoming events

This year our annual «GIS and protected areas» conference moved to online and will be implemented as a series of webinars which will be held from June 5 to 8, 2020 . The schedule is still being finalized participants will study modern GIS and spatial data relayted technics and methodologies to be used into the nature protection and scientific researches.