The Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) is an all-volunteer, U.S. based 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

It operates with the support of members who have joined one of the committees. Read about each committee below and if you would be willing to offer support, skills, and enthusiasm we’d love to hear from you.

Interested in joining a committee? Please email the committee chair today! 

  • The domestic chapters committee facilitates the creation of local SCGIS chapters in the United States that support the mission of SCGIS. Explore the profiles of each of the SCGIS chapters and browse chapter events

    Want to start a new chapter in your area? Reach out the Domestic Chapters Committee today!


    Left to Right: Florencia Sangermano, Connor Bailey, Derek Masaki, Janet Nackoney, Nathan Walker

    Not Present: Liz Goldman, Elizabeth Mather, Tommy Albo, Alina Tarmu, Max Wright, Whitney Newcomb, Francis Hourigan, Ingrid Hogle, Kaylene Keller, Jovian Sackett, James Mudd

    Chair: Derek Masaki      Email:

  • The purpose of the Communications Committee is to promote awareness of and engagement in Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) activities, events, and initiatives by current and prospective members of SCGIS.  The Communications Committee manages the SCGIS TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn accounts, organizes the popular webinar series, and supports other committees to help get their messages out.

    Do you have SCGIS news to share?  Send it to the Communications Committee today! 


    Back Row, from left: Li Ling Choo, Jocelyn Tutak

    Front Row: Rebecca Degagne, Meg Southee, Ellie Linden

    Not Present: Patrick Grady, Eric Jensen, Ellen Brown, Kari Signor, Declan Pizzino, Sarah Graves


    Chair: Rebecca Degagne      Email:

  • The website committee is responsible for the management and function of the SCGIS website. The website committee strives to ensure that the SCGIS website is the place to go for the official, up-to-date SCGIS news and content! Members of this committee are responsible for posting content to the website, maintenance and upgrades to technical infrastructure and any other technical tasks deemed necessary. 

    If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please email us today.


    Left to Right: Li Ling Choo, Meg Southee, Nathan Walker

    Not Present: David Asbury, Stephanie Smith, Nasser Olwero, Nick Santos


    Chair: Meg Southee    Email:

  • The Conference Committee organizes the annual SCGIS conference, which promotes information exchange and networking among conservation GIS professionals and students. The committee chairperson coordinates important decisions about the conference such as site selection, dates, and agenda with the board and other committees in addition to reporting monthly to the treasurer.

    Information about the current SCGIS International Conference


    Back Row, from left: Andy Lyons, Joseph Bishop, Sandra Coveny, Vivienne Sclater

    Front Row: Charles Convis, Janice Thomson, Dean Walton, Meg Southee, Saskia Fagan

    Not Present: Abby Cramer, Jayita Bhojwani, JayLee Tuil, Zach Ferdana


    Chair: Vivienne Sclater      Email:

  • The purpose of the Finance Committee, which will meet monthly, is to increase board engagement, improve transparency and generate broader understanding of SCGIS financial activities. These include to improve understanding of the diversity and amount of income assets, sources, and expenses, to assess costs and sustainable financial structures for supporting existing society activities and developing new activities as authorized by the board, to demonstrate fiscal responsibility to our existing and potential donors, and to ensure full compliance with all Society reporting obligations as a 501(c)3 organization.

    Back Row, from left: Jason Winner, Vivienne Sclater, Kellee Koenig

    Front Row: Janet Nackoney, Sandra Coveny, Karen Beardsley

    Not Present: Li Ling Choo


    Chair: Jason Winner      Email:

  • The international committee fosters communication and networking among conservation GIS professionals and students through a well-defined annual scholarship program, the development and support of regional & national groups, the creation and funding of scholarship programs, training and technical support programs, and a number of other activities. Please contact the international committee for more details and resources.

    Back Row, from left: Mervyn Lotter, Carlos "Carlitos" DeAngelo

    Front Row: Charles Convis, Karen Beardsley, Michelle Kinzel

    Not Present: Leslie Backus, Steven Blum, Sandra Coveny, M. Abdullah Abu Diyan, Prashant Hedao, Lata Iyer, Lisa Pierce, John Schaeffer, Miriam Schmidts, Vanya Stamenova, Stefan Stamenov, Angela Tarimy, Indranil Mondal

    Chair: Karen Beardsley    Email:

  • The membership committee manages all SCGIS memberships, new and old. Activities include maintaining the membership database, addressing any membership issues that may arise and designing new ways to keep members engaged in SCGIS.

    Back Row, from left: Mervyn Lotter, Nathan Walker

    Front Row: Sandra Coveny, Miriam Schmidts, Kellee Koenig

    Not Present: John Cannon, Abby Cramer


    Co-chairs: Miriam Schmidts & Nathan Walker

    Chair:    Email: