Frequently Asked Questions About the SCGIS LISTSERV

How do I post a message to the SCGIS LIST?

Send all messages (postings) to SCGIS@LISTSERV.URI.EDU. Your message will be automatically forwarded to everyone who is subscribed to the SCGIS lists.

How do I get off the SCGIS LIST?

To unsubscribe from SCGIS, send to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.URI.EDU the following email message in the body of your email (not the subject line):


My email address has changed and the LIST does not recognize me -- what do I do?

Sign in to your SCGIS account (click the green "Sign In" button in the upper right corner of this page). Once signed in, click on your name in the upper right green button, and select "Change Email" in the dropdown menu. Follow the instructions provided.

Alternatively, Email Ellen Brown (browne(at) and give her the information. She will update your account.

Can I review past postings to the LIST?

All postings to SCGIS are archived on the discussions page of the SCGIS website ( Postings can be sorted by author, date, or thread. The SCGIS archive can be found at:

Is it possible to receive only a single, composite bundle of SCGIS postings each day instead of individual postings?

Yes, this is called DIGESTing. In DIGEST mode you will receive a single posting each night that has the day's postings combined into a single document. This is a nice way to keep up with SCGIS banter but minimize the flow of emails into your inbox.

To get postings from SCGIS packaged in a single bundled email (a DIGEST) at the end of the day, send the following email message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.URI.EDU


To turn DIGESTing off so you get postings as they come out (rather than a single bundled posting) send the following email message (in the body of the email) to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.URI.EDU


Are there rules for using the SCGIS LIST?

Yes, we have a few guidelines for using the SCGIS LIST:

  • We encourage passionate debate and discussion, but be polite.
  • Do not use the LIST for commercial advertising.
  • Limit LIST discussions to issues of conservation of biodiversity and GIS.
  • The LIST is set so when you hit the "reply" button, the message goes to the sender, not the whole list. Please share the information you received after posting a question by summarizing responses in a single consolidated email back to the LIST. Everyone appreciates this courtesy.
  • We do not tolerate personal attacks on people, ideas, or institutions. It is OK to disagree but it is essential to be civil. Anyone who disrespects these rules of etiquette will be dropped from SCGIS.

Can I include attachments with my posting?

Attachments are not allowed on the SCGIS list. They sometimes contain viruses that can be spread to all the subscribers of the LIST. Copy and paste the information from the attachment into the body of your posting or put the attachment on a web site and provide readers the URL.

Can anyone join the SCGIS LIST?

No, this is a private list. Only members of the Society for Conservation GIS may participate in the LIST. This is one of the great benefits of being a member of SCGIS. Instructions on joining SCGIS can be found here.

I am going away on extended travel and wish to suspend delivery of SCGIS postings. What do I do?

Email Ellen Brown (browne(at) and give her the information. She will suspend delivery to your account. Just let her know when you return and she will reactivate your subscription.

How many subscribers are on the SCGIS LISTSERV?

There are currently over 1,800 readers of the SCGIS LISTSERV from all over the world. SCGIS LIST'ers have demonstrated themselves to be exceedingly wise, good-looking, witty, generous with their knowledge of geospatial data and methods, and passionate about conservation and GIS.


Is the LIST safe? Can I get a virus from a posting?

An amazing number of spam, phishing, virus-laden, and otherwise mal-intended emails are sent to the SCGIS LIST. 99.99% are caught by the URI filters and security systems. Every now and then one will sneak through the security net and make it to the LIST. Use the same common-sense you exercise with your own email - if it looks suspicious, delete it, especially if it directs you to a web site you don't recognize.