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Assistant Biologist - Temporary

Valley Water , California

Posted By: Jeff Lewis  , June 7, 2021

Valley Water is updating the 2014-2023 Stream Maintenance Program. This update will result in the 2024-2033 Stream Maintenance Program (SMP-3). The Stream Maintenance Program (SMP) was established in 2002 and describes a program for conducting routine stream channel maintenance work activities wherever they may occur in Valley Water’s jurisdiction, subject to specific limitations. 

The temporary position (up to 960 hours with the potential for an extension of an additional 960 hours) will support the development of SMP-3 by utilizing GIS to build the program description. The position will provide general support for the permitting and CEQA of SMP-3. The position will provide biological compliance support by conducting preconstruction surveys, biomonitoring, and assessments throughout Santa Clara county. To apply please email a cover letter and resume to



Equivalent to a Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in biological or natural sciences, ecology, or a related field. Directly related experience may be substituted for the college requirement on the basis of one and one-half years of experience for one year of education to a maximum of four years. Possession of, or ability to obtain a valid California driver’s license required. Experience with manipulating and analyzing data with ArcGIS.Ability to identify bird species that nest in Santa Clara County, California is highly desirable. Experience performing field surveys for special status species such as burrowing owl, dusky-footed woodrat, Ridgway's Rail, Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, California red-legged frog, or California tiger salamanders is desirable.  Applicant must have a willingness to spend significant hours in the field primarily urban streams and riparian areas.


The position will

-Assist staff with GIS applications such as digitizing points, lines, polygons using ESRI software. Organize data and develop attribute tables that catalog Valley water assets (i.e. lower maintenance roads, culverts, etc.).

-Assist staff with development of permanently mitigated area (PMAs) polygons, new proposed work areas, (work projections) polygons, capital projects (with established routine maintenance), etc.

-Utilize GIS for spatial analysis of SMP-3 data. Utilize existing data to manipulate, extract, locate and analyze geographic data. More specifically, buffering, clipping, and exploring the relationships between map features for gap analysis.

-Assist with biological preconstruction surveys for nesting birds and sensitive species that are required by Stream Maintenance Program permit requirements, biomonitoring, etc.

-Assist staff with the development of Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan shapefiles and procedures.

The position will have knowledge of

-Best practices for office procedures, methods, and equipment, and applications related to the work including GPS and GIS programs.

- Local wildlife species, ability to identify local birds, knowledge in Biology, Conservation, Ecology. Basic skills using Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.