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Andre Baby

2013 Program

  • Cuiaba, Brazil

  • The institution I work is a government agency of the State of Mato Grosso with the responsibility of doing research, ecosystem maintenance, environmental management, protection and conservation of natural resources, monitoring, prevention and environmental control, environmental licensing, environmental education, recover degraded areas, manage water resources, to pursue policies aimed at maintaining the climate, managing forests, manage protected areas and conservation, manage solid waste and also monitor the environment. Therefore, the institutional vision is to promote the use of natural resources sutentável for everyone to enjoy today and never miss adequately resources for future generations.

    My current role of this institution is the Coordinator of Activities Licensing Agricultural and Aquaculture. Note that the state of Mato Grosso is one of the largest producers of grains, meat, timber, minerals, energy (small hydro), so we have a great mission to foster the development of a rational manner, respecting environmental laws, rules institutional and obviously respecting the load capacity of the environment. So when my role is to look for alternatives that not only know the property boundaries, ie, their polygons, but also what makes each producer or entrepreneur within them. We need to develop ferramentes licensing, control and monitoring so that we know where every rural activity and how it is using the resource.

    I've been through other sectors within the institution, but I confess that this is the biggest challenge, because before I had passed the advisory cabinet where's task was to give quick answers about legal situations, natural resource usage, etc.., The sector geoprocessing specific mission was to bring all the farmers for licensing and so monitor their polygons to reduce deforestation; period in another digital analysis had to identify which areas were deforested areas who were responsible and the guilty illegal logging; another time spent by specific sector of conservation and preservation where the mission was to identify areas that are still intact in the state, promoting the creation of conservation units, sensitize managers to necessitade conservation and preservation, foster research and plans managements of these units, in sequence, by coincidence or not I'm in the place that develops entrepreneurial activity itself and it needs proper control. The institution has the need to pass not only manage the environmental assets and liabilities, but also as being the land use. For example, how, when, and where the landowner is exerting its activity.

    Given this context, I am in EMS since its inception in July 2005 where I participated in the organization, participated in the creation of the Monitoring System and Environmental Permitting-SIMLAM that needs to be improved because of the demands and new realities. I was Coordinator of the Superintendent of Biodiversity Ecosystems also exercised the Office of GIS Coordinator of the Superintendent of Forest Management, manager of digital analysis, special cabinet adviser, project coordinator of conservation and preservation, chairman of working groups to discuss and institutionalize GIS within the institution, among many other tasks performed with pleasure and fulfillment.