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Askarinta Adi

2013 Program

  • Telanaipura, Indonesia

  • I work in KKI-WARSI as the GIS Coordinator. WARSI is an NGO that works to revive the principles of conservation xof indigenous people and encourage the development of a model of conservation, in particular in Sumatra and in general in Indonesia. WARSI’s goal is to strive for the creation and development of the principles of just community-based conservation based on equivalence, participation, openness and sustainability so as to meet the needs of human life and welfare of the present without threatening the life and needs of the next generation.

    I have been working at WARSI since 1997. I am the coordinator of WARSI’s GIS and Mapping division. I am involved in support of all the WARSI activities. It started from collecting data in the field, to process them to produce maps for WARSI studies and advocacy efforts. I manage a GIS team of 5 full-time staff. We directly support Bukit Duabelas National Park Authority to develop management zoning that accommodates the existence of the Orang Rimba. The National Park is divided into several zones and areas such as the core zone must be fully managed as conservation areas. The core zone location is determined based on the area of forest protection by Orang Rimba customs. These areas are traditionally managed by the Orang Rimba and consist of jungle rubber, agro-forest area, and fruit trees like durian. We have also taught local government staff how to use GIS and have assisted with data and knowledge transfer among local governments and other environmental NGOs.