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David Squarre

2015 Program

  • , Zambia

  • I have been working for the Zambia Wildlife Authority for close to five years now as a Wildlife Veterinarian. My role in the organization is to provide scientific and veterinary support for the biological management of wild fauna. My duties include the capture and immobilization of wild animals for:

    • the purpose of translocation as a tool to manage wildlife populations c
    • clinical interventions for injured and wounded or snared animals as a result of direct anthropogenic activities
    • to implement countrywide programs for the detection, control and management of diseases occurring in protected areas and in wildlife populations
    • establish a programme for prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the health of wild animals and zoonosis
    • facilitate wildlife breeding programmes
    • establish and maintain a database on disease distribution and control, causes and origin
    • initiate and support research/projects that involve wildlife and diseases and biological management of key wildlife species

    I have been involved with research projects that have been studying the distribution of Lions, Cheetah, hyena and wild dogs in the Kafue North ecosystems and Liuwa plain of Zambia. Being an IUCN- African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG) member I am involved in the North Luangwa Black Rhino Conservation Project where I support in the biological management of Black Rhino population.