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Diana Marisol Paredes Olmedo

2015 Program

  • , Ecuador

  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a private, non-profit international organization, whose main objective is the preservation of wildlife and wild lands. In Ecuador, the main focus of WCS is to conserve biodiversity at the scale of ecologically representative landscapes through applied research to guide the conservation of wildlife and their habitats, and promote partnerships with local communities and other stakeholders to promote activities and policies aimed at the conservation and ecologically sustainable development.

    My role in WCS involves:

    • Support to the ecological and social initiatives. These includes the elaboration of basic maps, thematic maps, analysis of camera trap arrangements, selection of the best places to set up camera traps, and the generation of maps of field trips. 
    • Coordination and implementation of training events for mapping. This activity includes training in GIS (basic levels), GPS, SMART, and any other topics related to GIS and GPS use.
    • Support the development of landscape level analyses. This activity includes the development of threat maps for Yasuní BiosphereReserve, and other landscapes.
    • Support the collection of cartographic information; this activity includes data management, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and local governments, to ensure up-to-date spatial information is available.
    • Responsible for management and quality control of geographic database for landscapes, this activity includes management, compilation and usage of all this information.
    • Participation and attendance of field activities (e.g. Participatory mapping, survey information on land cover, threats, and socio-economic information).
    • Develop basic and thematic cartography for projects.
    • Support the research for new tools and mapping methodologies.