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Ela Segina

2013 Program

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • I have been working as a volunteer at CIPRA for 6 months. CIPRA Slovenia is one of 7 non-profit NGO CIPRA entities (other being located in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Austria). We are connected in international network CIPRA International with organizational centre in Switzerland. General aim of CIPRA is well explained with its mission statement: Living in Alps. Its aim is therefore not just conservation of natural environment, but also sustainable development of alpine region. How to protect the nature without preventing development of the region? And at the same time - how to develop the region without threaten the natural environment? Our focus is on one hand on protection of natural resources as water, soil and forest, and on the other on sustainable development of the region in order to rise the quality of life in this specific mountainous area. 

    My task is working on different environmental projects explained in the previous section. I work on conceptual design of projects and help at their realization, but I also give technical support. CIPRA Slovenia is small environmental organization so we cooperate at all stages.