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Evgeny Egidarev

2014 Program

  • Vladivostok, Russian Federation

  • Nature conservation became my primary interest during the last university years, when I became a member of druzhina (squad) of nature protection «Bars». Druzhina (volunteers group) was very effective in 3 main activities: environmental education, anti-poaching raids and scientific expeditions. After my graduation I decided to do my PHD in Pacific Geographic Institute of Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Science (PGI FEB RAS) and simultaneously worked for WWF (for more than 12 years now). Besides professional interest in the area of nature protection, I also have personal motives. I was born in the city next to the junction of two large rivers (Zeya and Bureya) and loved wild nature since I was a kid. My work now is to use all my knowledge to give our organization an edge in its work as a nature protector.