SCGIS Scholars

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Gaston Bhu Wung

2013 Program

  • Yaoundé, Cameroon

  • I am one of the national coordinating team members for SCGIS in Cameroon and have been an active member since the inception of this local chapter in 2007. I have been very instrumental with undertaking outreach events over the years and organization of some GIS training classes to members of the ministry of forestry and also some local staff members of NGO. Working for WWF CARPO, provide me another opportunity to further apply knowledge gain through SCGIS toward effective conservation in Cameroon and other countries within the Congo basin. I am currently working as the GIS and Database officer with everyday activities ranging from providing geospatial services to the different conservation work in the different WWF field based sites within Cameroon and beyond. Considering the continued advancement in this technology, it makes sense for me to seek further opportunity to be trained and therefore continue to provide this necessary service as required. The assistance through SCGIS helps me to contribute to the objectives and values of SCGIS in the world by acting locally in my local community while thinking globally through the SCGIS goals and objectives. We are just entering another dimension of conservation through the REDD+ process. MRV is an important component of this process that requires adequate skills in geospatial technology. I am greatly involved in this process and feel that I should update my knowledge and get more prepared towards delivering required results that meets international standards requirements. As a former scholar, I do strongly believe that through further participation, my skills cannot remain the same, but just the right time to get improved knowledge and face the new challenges to measuring carbon emission and from forest degradation and deforestation.