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Janaina Barbosa Pedrosa Costa

2013 Program

  • Amapá, Brazil

  • I am a member of the executive coordination of the Carbon Cajari Project, responsible for environmental training. This includes all environmental education, which acts transversally in all project activities. But it also involves the research and application of new technologies, led by Embrapa. My work goes from planning to execution and publication (popular or scientific). I participated in 2010, in the basic research that supported the development of this project and acted directly on the project since the beginning of its implementation in July 2011 up to the present. 
    Specifically, I am responsible for the information gather provided by the different groups in the project execution and the making of quarterly reports for monitoring and evaluation for the sponsor. I also work with the coordination of communication for dissemination of information either through the project´s radio program or in publications addressed to the extractivists, scientific community and environmental managers. 

    Finally, I coordinate and execute the actions of environmental education and training in 14 communities, which so far have had about 1500 participants in approximately 30 events. These activities had a greater amount of people than the all audience goal expected, therefore the approach taken on sequestration, greenhouse gases, conserving natural resources, environmental services, etc. Because our trainings have always been related to the Brazil nut value chain, with a lot of synergy in the exchange of knowledge between the community and the technical teams. The agroextractivists began to understand how the mapping of their “Castanhais” can be a tool to help them achieve certification socio-participative to their community and add value to the Brazil nut, through the conservation of standing forests.