SCGIS Scholars

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Maria Eugenia Lezzi

2015 Program

  • Puerto IguazĂș, Argentina

  • I am a 26 years old Argentinian biologist and I am a doctoral student. I am just starting my career as a researcher and I am very interested in focalize my actual and future work in biodiversity conservation projects. I want to participate in the SCGIS training program to develop more skills and abilities to solve questions of my doctoral project and other projects that I hope to develop in the future. I would like to apply my thesis results in management programs that will contribute in biodiversity conservation in productive areas. The organizations where I belong, the CeIBA and the IBS are located in a strategic and one of the most biodiverse areas of Argentina, where conservation and research activities are new and very necessary. As new organizations, they are growing fast and we count with many students and new training needs. I am specializing on landscape ecology in productive areas and ecology of mammals´ communities, working with camera-traps. I would like to specialize in GIS also, what I consider is an elemental tool for develop of my work. With my work I´m evaluating the effect of the forest plantation configuration and the different landscape elements in the mammal assemblage. At the end, I hope to generate management recommendations to improve productive systems to be less harmful to biodiversity. For the future, I´m interested in contribute in animal conservation in my country. With my project, I expect not only to generate information for improving landscape management while contributing with mammal conservation, but also to learn more about conservation practices and how to be involved in the conservation policies of this region. My plan for the future is to continue with the research career generating knowledge that could be applied to conservation strategies. SCGIS program will be an excellent opportunity to training me in how to apply GIS skills in conservation practices and to strength the capacity of my work team in its biodiversity conservation actions.