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Maria Eva Sison Budong

2013 Program

  • Bayombong, Philippines

  • I serve as a mapping technician for Philippine Association for Intercultural Development (PAFID). PAFID is a social development organization that works closely with indigenous communities secure their lands and waters and obtain access and control in the management of their resources. PAFID has been advocating sustainable management and has been instrumental in securing titles of many ancestral domains by providing technical support in boundary delineation and mapping.

    I join actual tree inventories, actual ICCA delineation and actual 3-dimentional map construction and landcover coding. I’ve been in PAFID since 2007 but I initially served as documentor. I have been involved in projects like producing landuse maps, landcover maps, mining overlays versus ancestral territories and national parks, watershed maps, simple analysis maps derived from DEM like elevation, slope, and contour maps. I also spend most of my times digitizing topographic maps since it is one of our most usable of officially recognized map in my country. Working with maps especially involving warring indigenous communities is sometimes dangerous though. Tribal wars are still practiced especially in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines. I have been involved in a boundary dispute dialogue using 3-dimentional model as tool. Evidences like Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by both communities long time ago without the benefit of mapping tech came alive with the use of 3-d model. I later converted the whole thing into a vector file usable in their succeeding dialogues.