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Mariana RĂ­os Balletto

2013 Program

  • Montevideo, Uruguay

  • I am the general coordinator for Vida Silvestre Uruguay (VSUy), a non-profit Uruguayan organization created in1995. We are an IUCN member since 2010 and at the national level we are members of the national network for environmental NGOs. It vision is a Uruguay were people values Nature as a key element for the country development and people´s well being, and where species and ecosystems are conserved for future generations.

    Its mission is to conserve Nature in Uruguay through the protection of species and ecosystems, promoting scientific research, advocacy and management of landscapes and protected areas for a sustainable development of Uruguay. Depending on the project, we work together with local and national governments, other NGOs, research institutions such as National Universities, and mainly with local partners around Uruguay trying to find together solutions for the environmental problems they face. 

    At national level our main goal is to implement protected areas, helping to find suitable places to create new areas, as well as taking part in their design and planning and later on their management. We also work with endangered species promoting national and regional conservation programs. Regarding ecosystems, we are currently working with regional partners (including IUCN) in the conservation of temperate grassland, a highly endangered bioma. We also work with land owners to improve management practices for cattle-rising and tree plantation, to promote sustainable production.