SCGIS Scholars

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Mei Kobayashi

2013 Program

  • Tokyo, Japan

  •  I am a student in the department of Electrical Engineering and Bioscience, whose studies are composed of biology, electrical engineering and information engineering. I have studied about alternate energy, data analysis, biology, and statistics. My research focuses on spatial pattern analysis as a point process. For example, with analyzing the distribution of tree as a point process, it is possible to find the pattern of tree distribution. It has much to do with GIS. This study is also applicable for climate change projection or animal monitoring.

    Besides, I had been working as a president of IAESTE (the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) committee in my university. IAESTE is international non-profit student exchange organization and provides students in technical degrees internship. Through IAESTE, I aimed to connect students who are highly skilled to local issues like agriculture, environmental problem and tsunami.