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Nadezhda Kecheva

2013 Program

  • Sofia, Bulgaria

  • The NIAM-BAS (National Institute of Archaeology with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) is a non-profit research institute financed by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences that covers the complete study of the culture of tribes and peoples who have occupied present-day Bulgaria from the remote past until the 18th century. 

    In the period 2006-2011 I have been working on different projects, archaeological excavations and surface surveys, with archaeologists that are part of the NIAM-BAS. I was a team member and deputy leader. Since January 1, 2012 I have been a PhD student in the Department of Classic Archaeology in NIAM-BAS with a signed contract and I continued my work as a deputy leader and a leader of archaeological surface surveys.

    On December 11, 2012 I signed a contract for my appointment as an employee as an archaeologist-surveyor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Research in NIAM-BAS at half day working hours. My principal work is focused on experimental, research and other creative work in the archaeological surface surveys using GIS technologies and methods. I also work for development and enlarging of the national archaeological site-level based database accumulating information for all archaeological structures in Bulgaria called Automated Information System “Archaeological Map of Bulgaria” (in Bulgarian language it is called Arheologicheska Karta na Bulgaria and it is famous with the following abbreviation: AIS AKB. I prefer to use it from now on).

    Since the beginning of 2013 I have been involved in two international projects that NIAM-BAS participates in. My duty for the first one is to be responsible for the creation of GIS database for all Roman towns in Bulgaria that are situated on the Danube River which is present-day Bulgaria’s Northern country border and also marked the defensive boundary of the Roman Empire in 1-5th century AD. 

    In the other project I am part of the coordination team, leaded by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Nekhrizov, NIAM-BAS, who is the person responsible for the existence and development of the AIS AKB. The project is about archaeological data sharing between 24 different databases situated in 16 different European countries.