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Claudel Tshibangu Lukusa

2013 Program

  • Katanga, Congo, The Demo. Rep. of The

  • Claudel’s home country of Democratic Republic of Congo is home to iconic wildlife such as zebras, elephants and gorillas. It is also the setting for intense violence and political instability. Despite this reality and despite the dangers, people such as Claudel have put conservation first – even ahead of their own lives. Claudel is using GIS to help rehabilitate struggling national parks that are home to some of the last zebra herds, the last elephants, and the last gorillas on the planet. He wants to help create a future for these parks by implementing proper management plans and providing local wildlife authority personnel with accurate data, maps and analysis. He is currently the only GIS analyst for the 10,000 square mile parks that are in dire need of updated management. Claudel began his career in international media organizations as a video journalist and translator, and worked on some prominent projects including the BBC’s Africa series and Human Rights Watch. Claudel sees the importance of outreach on a global scale, and the need to communicate to a broad audience the importance of conservation and how GIS plays a vital role in effective conservation worldwide.