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Okeke Odinakachukwu Francis

2015 Program

  • , Nigeria

  • Since 2008 I have worked as GIS and Database Management Officer for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Nigeria, with aid of GIS analysis and remote sensing technique to support the conservation of the Critically Endangered Cross River gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli). Since 2008, I have embarked on series of projects for biodiversity conservation in both Nigeria and Cameroon as a GIS Analyst. In 2008, I mapped the new boundary for Mbe Community Wildlife Sanctuary (MCWS) which was instrumental in resolving the boundary conflict among the nine communities holding claim to the ownership of the sanctuary. Also, I played a major role in the GIS analysis and mapping of following surveys:

    • Wildlife and Habitat Assessment Survey of the Afi River Forest Reserve, Cross River State, Nigeria, April 2008
    • Great Ape and Drill Survey of the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Cross River State, Nigeria, July, 2009
    • Gorilla Census of the Mbe Mountains Community Wildlife Sanctuary, Cross River State, Nigeria, September, 2009
    • Gorilla Census of Boshi Extension and Okwa Hills, Cross River National Park, Nigeria, September, 2009

    I have been playing a crucial role in the cybertracker project implementation in Nigeria both in training Eco-guards/Rangers and actual cybertracker data analysis for annual report. In 2011, I was one of the five-team members for “REDD Feasibility Assessment in the Takamanda-Mone Landscape Cameroon” for the GIS and Remote Sensing analysis. While in 2012, my proposal for “Land Cover Change Detection in Afi/Mbe/Okwangwo Landscape” received “Planet Action” grant which was finalized in 2014. Also in February 2012, I conducted a training workshop for fifty (50) Cross River State Forestry Commission (CRSFC) officers on the use of GPS receiver for forest monitoring. Also a member of Cross River State REDD+ technical committee, I have actively involved in the preliminary data analysis.