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Peter Limbu

2015 Program

  • , Tanzania

  • I work as a Fisheries Technical Lead and responsible to facilitate co-management of Fisheries Natural Resources which involves the following overarching objectives in the coastal villages and waters surrounding L. Tanganyika and the GME: Establish Sustainable Fishing Practices and Aquatic Conservation through Beach Management Units (BMUs) and Improve Income of BMU Members through both Sustainable Fishing and Alternative Livelihood with specific tasks to:

    • Facilitate formation and capacity building of BMUs including fish stocks monitoring, data collection and reporting;
    • Support BMUs to develop and enforce by-laws that advance sustainable fisheries resource management in their respective village waters;
    • Prepare work plan and budgets and take lead in its implementation;

    Advise and train BMU members and the general community about sustainable fishing practice including identification and elimination of illegal fishing gears, identification and protection of fishing breeding and nursery sites (figure 1, map example with help from Dan Kelly [TNC Africa GIS]);

    • Foster cross-site learning among BMUs members and the general community on best fishing and fish processing practices;
    • Collaborate with research institutions to undertake relevant surveys and research on fisheries resources in order to address priority fishery management issues;
    • Advocate and support use of environmental friendly fishing technologies in fishing so as to reduce emission of GHGs. Hence my roles above could be well enriched by training in SCGIS to strengthen my career but also improving my capacity to discharge organization conservation objectives