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Takoukam Kamla Aristide

2013 Program

  • Edea, Cameroon

  • I'm the Project coordinateur at the African Marine Mammals Conservation Association (AMMCA). The AMMCA is a recently created and affiliated non-profit association whose team has been working  for more than three years for the conservation of marine mammals such as West African manatees and dolphins  in Cameroon coastal area including protected areas such as Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve and Lake Ossa Wildlife Reserve. AMMCA Mission is  to promote marine mammals conservation through education, sensitization, capacity building, eco-tourism development, monitoring and research. Our current project intends to improve available knowledge of these species ( by building a fisher community-network that will record and communicate sightings and captures, and by completing boat surveys in sites with high sighting reports. Data collected will then enable the editing of a distribution and density map and improve understanding on these species habitat use. This study would initiate a long-term monitoring scheme of the Cameroon coastal zone. This project is mentored and funded by WCS-UK (Wildlife Conservation Society- UK).

    My role include writing and submitting proposals for funding, leading project implementation, data management and reporting. I'm currently leading a project entitled:” Assessing the distribution, bycatch and strandings of marine mammals on the Cameroon Coast " funded by WCS.  I'm in charge of planning field activities (meetings  with fishers communities, education, training, surveys) to the various study sites and managing and analyzing data collected from the field. Data in this project are mainly names and/or  GPS coordinate of  places where a marine mammal sighting have been reported by fishermen within the sighting and stranding network of this project. In fact each time that one of the 12 fishermen of the network would sight a marine mammals, he will call one study staff to inform him about this sighting and indicate the position where he sighted it. This  information will be recorded  and a field trip will be organized to confirm dead; Then, at the end of each month I will map all these sighting locations using ArcGIS 10 software,  a spatial analyses will be completed simple criteria, but will incorporate effort data recorded on datasheets. This spatial analysis that I run in ArcGIS 10 software  will then help us to identify areas  where it will best to  plan structured boat surveys to estimate relative abundance.