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Tsogtsaikhan Battsengel

2015 Program

  • , Mongolia

  • I am involved with highly advanced and very important projects in Mongolia. Mongolia is going through a transitional period right now, with mining and oil interests starting to take a heavy toll on the landscape. It is therefore important to support local conservationists with the skills and tools they need to prevent the destruction of a relatively unspoiled and rare grassland ecosystem. The TNC office in Mongolia is small and has only existed for seven years, but is composed of highly dedicated staff with a strong interest in GIS. 

    At my current role in my organization, I use ArcGIS in my day to day work and I participate in three major projects: Landscape level conservation planning in the Central and Western Mongolia, Applying biodiversity offset in mitigation of impacts of extractive industry, and Wildlife connectivity analysis in the Mongolian Gobi. The projects require substantial amount of work in spatial analysis and its applications for the above mentioned biodiversity conservation work.