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Virginia Alonso Roldán

2015 Program

  • Puerto Madryn, Argentina

  • I am a posdoc scholar of Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) since April 2014 but I am working at CENPAT since 2007 when start my PhD. My duties include research and outreach. During my PhD my activities were focused to the mara conservation project researching about spatial ecology and habitat preferences of maras. The results of my research are not still published but were required by the community so I became the reference person within the institute in all the issues related with mara ecology and conservation. In this context I have represented CENPAT as an expert in TNC workshop of strategic planning for conservation, in the framework of the project “Conservation of Patagonian Grasslands”, and the Península Valdés Protected Area management plan process because in both occasions the mara was considered a conservation object. As other outreach activity in the framework of the mara conservation project I have trained rangers and technical agents of the General Direction of Conservation and Protected Areas of the Chubut province in the search, geopositioning and observation of mara warrens in order to set the basis for a provincial monitoring program of mara populations. I have also developed education activities related with mara project that were addressed to:

    • the whole community of Puerto Madryn through our participation in CENPAT Abierto (an open-house day at the Centro Nacional Patagónico for the general public to learn about the scientific activities carried out at the institute)
    • to tourist guides and school teachers, two important groups for the dissemination of the knowledge available on mara biology and conservation, by means of the realization of tow workshops
    • undergraduate students that participate in fieldwork and data processing, learning about mara ecology, research techniques, GIS and basic spatial data processing and analysis