Train the Trainers in 2019

Global Scholarship Program

Our Global Scholarship Program is designed to allow conservation GIS practitioners to attend the Esri User Conference and SCGIS Annual Conference, and is traditionally held in California every summer. The program allows each cohort to take specialized three-week GIS courses organized for the scholarship recipients and build a vibrant cohort of GIS users as they come together from around the world. 

These courses are provided jointly by SCGIS, Juniper GIS, Esri, and UC Davis Global Affairs.

The Global Scholarship Program currently targets its support primarily at the regions where SCGIS international chapters and informal conservation GIS communities affiliated with SCGIS are growing or emerging, in an effort to promote further growth of these chapters and communities. However, we encourage our international chapters to extend their outreach beyond their formal country borders, and to embrace colleagues from neighbor regions or even from far away.

This is not a typical scholarship program. It only covers some of the costs affiliated with the travel to and attendance at these events; on rare occasions are we able to provide awards that cover full costs.

Global Scholars

Each year the global scholars represent the best of the best of conservationists using geography and GIS to pursue effective science, educate and change local communities, and discover new ways of protecting species.

Train The Trainers (TTT)

These are prior scholars who were selected for advanced training to become certified SCGIS Instructors. They assist the scholarship program with instruction and work to expand GIS capacity in their local region.

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