New Zealand and Fiji

People on a mountain in front of a lake surrounded by tree covered mountains

Contact Information

Chapter Lead: Parker Jones

Email: [email protected]


Chapter Officials:

  • Parker Jones
  • Keith Levy
  • Jasmin Callosa Tarr
  • Bonita Gestro
  • Karl Majorhazi
  • Anna Eilers


The New Zealand Chapter of SCGIS was established in 2013 with the specific purpose of promoting and supporting the availability and use of GIS by volunteer conservation groups already operating in NZ, or about to do so. NZ SCGIS is managed and administered by NZ GIS in Conservation (or GiC), a not-for-profit organisation established in 2012.

The purpose of GiC is to:

a) Provide benefit to groups working in conservation by:

  • Providing volunteer GIS experts to assist in the use of GIS technology;
  • Maintaining an email list so that members can contact other like-minded groups;
  • Providing a discussion forum for members to share experiences and issues;
  • Helping groups locate source base data and maps;
  • Promoting practices and methods where GIS can solve conservation issues; and
  • Developing and growing a portfolio of tips and tricks for members.

b) Doing anything else which will help GiC achieve those purposes.