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Contact Information

Chapter Lead(s): Jacob Helfman and Lesley Handa 

Email: [email protected]


Chapter Officials:

  • Jacob Helfman
  • Lesley Handa


The San Diego Chapter of the Society for Conservation GIS brings together geospatial and conservation professionals from around Southern California for social gatherings and knowledge sharing. Our mission is to form a strong and informed community of people who are passionate about conservation and geospatial technology. San Diego County is a known biodiversity hotspot, containing greater diversity of life than any other county in the continental United States. It is also home to the greatest number of plant and animal species threatened with extinction anywhere in the country. One of our main goals is to promote environmental awareness and stewardship, focusing on issues that affect conservation in San Diego County, including climate change. Our chapter plans to work on projects focused on the following themes: local conservation, human disturbance, and indigenous knowledge in natural resource management.